Foundations Orbit:

The most flexible and comprehensive monitoring tool for machine learning

in production.

Spend less time worrying about model degradation,

spend more time building great things.

"Foundations makes the frustrating parts of machine learning easy and even enjoyable, allowing you to have insights you wouldn’t have otherwise."
Alex Krizhevsky,
creator of AlexNet
“This (Orbit CLI) makes things so easy. This is the best integration I’ve seen by a vendor.”
Senior Data Scientist,
"Monitoring models and performing QA on production data is critical in applied AI, and the answer for that is in Foundations Orbit."
Advisory Systems Engineer,

How it works:

1. Add code snippets

Easily define and configure data contracts, monitoring and validation logics in minutes.

2. Deploy monitors from the terminal or GUI

Orbit’s built-in scheduler automatically handles the scheduling and execution of monitoring jobs.

3. Track data quality, metrics, input & concept drift

Set thresholds and receive alerts.

The SDK, Dashboard, and scheduler all run on your own system so your data never leaves your organization.

Flexible and comprehensive monitoring

Orbit is framework agnostic and works with your models no matter how they are developed and deployed. 

Create different types of monitors for a comprehensive view on all of your models in production. Seamlessly integrate with Airflow.

Closely monitor changes in your models

Choose the metrics you care about and compare different models across populations.

Set up alerts and notifications to make sure every anomaly is promptly addressed.

Avoid surprises with data ingestion

Data pipeline failures and data shift are an inevitable reality, and quickly cascade down to models in production.

With as few as 4 lines of code, Orbit allows you to track data health and consistency.

Retrain and test your models

Retrain your models with live production data and choose the strategy that best suits your use-case to test the new results.

Built with support from best in the industry

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